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Landing Pages

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Splash Pages

Splash pages are used when marketers want to send traffic to a specific piece of content. The goal is to pique the visitor’s interest enough so that they will click through to the website of the business. Splash pages usually have a clear call to action (CTA). In other words, the landing page is designed to get visitors to click to another page.

A splash page or a welcome page comes before any other page on your website. It’s like an introduction for your visitors. These pages welcome the visitor and act as standalone pages or full-screen pop-ups when someone lands on your website.

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Squeeze Pages

A squeeze page is the most common type of landing page. They are called squeeze pages because they are meant to squeeze information out of the visitor.

A squeeze page is designed on the page’s objective and CTA. However, more often than not, a squeeze page will include the basics:

  • An eye-catching headline

  • Compelling offer

  • CTA

  • Form

  • Testimonials



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Sales Pages

Sales pages do precisely as they sound: make sales. Splash and squeeze pages do the background work of generating leads and collecting emails, but sales pages target leads that are already engaged with your site.

The point of a sales page is to be persuasive. It’s where the money’s at (literally). The page’s copywriting should be compelling and focused on the benefits of the product or service and the discount or offer. Test out different headlines, CTA’s, and get creative with your site until you see the visitor to leads conversion rate you would like.



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